Four producers with four different origins, bring together six stories without “Borders”. The sun in shining, is a hot summer, the beach, the sea, the perfect drink and a dj with the right music: these are the elements of the “Fourteenth Science”. The track is based on a classical house sound that goes along with deep basses, congas and a couple of wonderful background vocals. “Hip O” is a walk through the deep maze, dark colours with chill sounds heated by a bassline that never give up. A journey into an electronic fog where sounds shine acids! An “Emerald”! To find it you must go deep using a bassline that pierces the obstacles, once you have discovered it, you will enjoy its splendor. The concept behind “Heavy Rains” is just what the title says. Aside from the layers of drums and percussion, this track is designed to emulate the rush of a Monsoon downpour with the use of sidechains and a nice thick wall of white noise. Inspired by environments and nature, the “Sun Drop” is a midi filled trickle of a one-shot pad that dribbles its way through this tune. The underlying foundation comes from Bryant’s signature production of drum loops, built from the ground up. “Asimmetric5” has oriental influences. The track wants to express the hope for democracy using the universal language of music. A meticulous selection of intriguing sounds, all of them clearly introduced from the beginning bringing the track to a techno/progressive sound

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