*Not On Earth*Time*

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TIME is a journey through the human consciousness, trying to relate musically the aspects that escape from an empirical reality to an imaginative mind, facing the perception of an altered time. “Bassik” Low frequencies and bass take into an imaginary world, breakbeats rhythms and vocals are merged with the clear and constant change of the melodies. A dark theme with small strokes of light emitted by some harmonica and deep synthesizers. “Cycle trip” It describes a bike trip, the drums imitate the sound of a bicycle. The insertion of guitars slowly adapt our environment inviting us to travel through uncharted worlds. “Melodic dreams” A journey that tells about our own bitter, salty and sweet dreams, the flavours change during the melodic trip of the track. In its course, the guitars create a constant involvement. “Life numbers” Exploited synthesizers create a frantic ride with a constant evolution. Changes of pace, screaming synths, echo voices in our minds, anonymous breaths, a set that makes this song a sensory work. It criticizes our lifestyle marked forever by numbers. “Clocks didn’t know about time” An overview on a different way of thinking: the measurement of the time relating on the experiences and not only by a sum of hours. The echo of a piano and guitars create a decadent, nostalgic melody, accompanied by a contrast between a drum beat that simulates the time and various synthesizers that symbolize the sound of an alarm clock. “Kicks of sand” A crossed path in the desert, pure sand. The synthesizers involve a gritty, grainy and calm situation until the moment the percussion melodies are hit in act of rage. The track is all about a figurative critic on self anger.