!!Out today March 18th, 2014!!
‘RATIO’ the new Electronica album by Not On Earth
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The new work of Not On Earth include five tracks that ride among different soundscapes induced in the melody through distinct feelings and memories. “Ratio” is the leading track of the EP, it recounts the feelings of a happy nostalgia. The breaks and the stereo games of the percussions generate a large set of our unconscious reality. Island [ Part 1 – Part 2 ] symbolizes the state of a person that decides to isolate himself from his environment. “Island Part 1” acquires an audio progression where multiple instruments are being added to recreate this emotional isolation. “Island Part 2” comes in with a rhythmic force introducing vocal echoes [ by Demmy Sober ] between pads, leads and synths, harmonizing the whole set into a sensuous atmosphere. “Nywele” is a struggle between the delicacy, goodness and beauty of the female figure represented by cheerful melodies and her emotional strength guided rhythmically by darker and solid melodies. “Venami” mixes sensual melodies and slow-beats creating an involute tune. The progression of the track merged with the inclusion of instruments develop colorful landscapes, driven by the tempo of the vocals and the guitar arpeggios gracing the melodies.

Ratio (Original Mix)
Island Part 1 (Original Mix)
Island Part 2 feat. Demmy Sober (Original Mix)
Nywele (Original Mix)
Venami (Original Mix)