MAKr*The State Ep*

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The State (EP) fuses an array of dark, atmospheric textures with driving beats. With this unique four track offering, MAKr delivers a blend of deep bass, turntablism, haunting synths, and complex guitar effects. New York City’s electronic improv group recorded a wealth of material over the course of several inspired studio sessions in the spring of 2011; the highlights of these recordings form the basis of the MAKr’s debut offering; The State (EP). The State (EP) begins with “POWr of 4”, a rich and pulsing track that exemplifies MAKr’s ability to be heavy while being gentle and mellifluous. “I See/I Attack” starts softly but hits hard at its drop with a driving half-time beat and lush textures. The methodical and steady “Basics” lays a perfect introduction to the EP’s melodic closer, “As We Are, The World Is – Recorded and produced by MothLab Recordings Copyright © 2011