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Rarely is something only “black or white”. Often times there is more than one story, or a deeper understanding beyond the obvious; MAKr set out to explore this idea in their EP, “Dualities”. There are obvious elements of light and dark within each song’s overall structure, but there is also a dichotomy hidden deeper within and between certain sounds and instruments. Together, the two tracks of Dualities aim to tell the whole story. “Back and Forth” begins with it’s darker side (an anxious, pulsing synth and heavy kick) before opening to it’s lighter, melodic guitar core. The melody is layered upon itself in both directions, darkening the overall feel. The break at 1:43 deepens, featuring rhythmic turntablism and rising effects. “Above and Below” drives with a steady beat and heavy low-end. The guitar and turntable effects float in and out, dancing around each other. The low-end rises to collide with the other instrumentation, filling the higher registers for the bridge at 4:14 before settling back down below for the song’s conclusion. The EP includes “Above and below” Radio Edit and “Back and Forth” Chill Out Mix. Recorded and produced by MothLab Recordings Copyright © 2012