*Damaged Man*Orange Drones Ep*

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This Man loves the deepness and his dark atmosphere, without forgetting that in the darkness there is always a glimmer of light. Like in his tracks, in this Ep there are 3 stories to tell. “Chemical Dream” was made with analog synths, the fat bassline is the essence of the track, the rhythm reminds Detroit Techno style. Chemical because is like a chemical reaction, dream because the Man gets his best inspiration during the night. “The Lessons” has a powerful bassline giving a dazed touch to this track, tuned with some samples of a Japanese Lesson!  “Orange Drones” is inspired from a drone atmospheres, with dark background sounds, interfacing with rhythmics. Here the percussion has a main role, the piano melody and the synth line near the end give light to the track – Recorded and produced by MothLab Recordings – Copyright © 2012