MothLab@Open House (ex Stay Basement)•NYC•December 17, 2011•starts at 10 pm till late

The Italian artist collective MothLab returns on their New Yorker Tour in 2011 to Open House. They’ve been a busy lot since you’ve seen them last, launching their label, MothLab Recordings, and sharing their prowess for VJing at festival around the Europe.

This event will feature MothLab artists Luca Bernabei and Byrant Autrey paired up with NYC local favorites Gil K and Matias Jofre. Also expect to see the room transformed by MothLab’s senior visual artists Carlo Vittucci and Michele Palazzo as the team prepares to fully immerse you in the MothLab experience.

##Line Up##
LUCA BERNABEI (MothLab Recordings)
GIL K (NOSI Music)
BRYANT AUTREY (MothLab Recordings/Afro Acid Digital/Plastik)
MATIAS JOFRE (S)innerScene)

Carlo Vittucci (MothLab)
Michele Palazzo (MothLab)

Open House (downstairs)**
244 E. Houston bw A&B
no cover