MAKr live@ART//FORM in ICO Gallery•February 25, 2011

ART//FORM is an art & music event. February 25th’s ART//FORM at ICO Gallery in Chelsea will be highlighting Kipton Art Finalist Joseph Conrad-Ferm’s abstract works. Joseph Conrad-Ferm will be painting an immense canvas during MAKr’s performance in the main gallery space. His abstract work will evolve along with the improvisational electronic creations by MAKr. The music is to inspire the painting and the painting to inspire the music.

Music by:
MAKr live set•MothLab
Modest P (aka Probus)
Down Deep (Exposure NYC)

Visual Displays by VJF  &  Carlo Vittucci (MothLab)

ICO Gallery•606 West 26th Street (at 11th Ave)•NYC
Doors are at 9pm, painting & performance to begin at 10pm