In the style of Massive Attack, the down-tempo original mix, Patterns, features Cina on vocals. MAKr creates a smooth but powerful backdrop for Cina’s lush melodies. The vocals converse with layered guitar and subtle turntablism, while intelligent drums and flowing bass build to a gentle break at 2:46, highlighting the track. Patterns Ep presents four remixes diverting the track in four different styles. Luca Bernabei creates an old style techno remix, with distorted basses and synths, a double face track changing from melodic stages to rhythmics ones, typical of a techno track. Atom introduces a deep track with peculiar rhythmics on deep basses playing with Cina’s sampled vocal on a certain rotation. Chris Luzz keeps the original vocals and builds around it a groovy house style track. By the Techture remix breaks, bass and vocals merge together. Cina’s voice sets the melody for the bass line, strings and keys, while steadily the beat rolls beneath it all

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