…here we go New York!!!
Luca Bernabei and the Gang is in town!!
The reunion will be tonight April 09th, 2014 at TBA Brooklyn w/ MAKr and DJ Matias Jofre 
Newyorkers come to listen to some European Techno!!

[ at ]
TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Ave Brooklyn•NYC

[ when ]
April 09th, 2014
Starts at 6 pm till late

Matias Jofre / Chris Schoedel / The House Cartel™ Present:
Momentum Happy Hour / Rite of Wednesdays
Music by:
RiTe of Wednesdays Celebration:

LUCA BERNABEI | Founder of MothLab Recordings I
directly from Italy a night of European Techno Sound
live vjing MothLab Gang w/ Nazzu

MEMO GARCIA | South Artist / Chile

MATIAS JOFRE | Momentum / RoW / (S)innerScene

MAKr (MothLab Recordings) live set
live vjing MothLab Gang w/ Simona Canacci

check out the event pages facebook.com  &  RA