“Depth, darkness, high speed by the most distant places we normally haunt” this is the main concept of the new Damaged Man’s work. A mental journey only possible with a submarine, the one vehicle able to explore such deep places. “U-Boat” A breakaway towards the dark deep, among electronic currents and obsessive rhythmics, sinking down where a melodic current leads us safe from metal bombing, falling into a quiet area, straight after the race starts once more with full power engines. “Black Abyss” Cold basses are in contrast with metal sounds from the outside, giving a cheer up break, but with speed and rhythmics the trip of the submarine goes on with full power engines. “11 Meters Below the Sea Level” The navigation by the deepest places of the Pacific Ocean is accompanied by an hypnotic sonar, the only companion that will allow us to navigate between banks of fluorescent Technoplancton, cold melodies, safe pads, well defined as the route to follow

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