‘That Is That Is’ a 4 tracks inner vision voyage from Zurich duo Bonny & Clyde built on chunky electro basses, sharp minor key stabs, rolling percussion and laboured pads. The deep tech burns in a Slo Mo cosmo on dark kicks and noir synths. The release is mainly Tech-House, more melodic in ‘Just Do It’, deeper by ‘Lovestick’, 90s style in ‘That is That is’, groovy by ‘U Can Have’. HighLive (Miniload Records) are delivering an hypnotic Remix of ‘This Is That Is’ introducing a warm groovy bass line and some deep catchy chords, which will bring your feet to dance. Re-pitching the vocals brought as well a different taste to the track. Surround yourself in sound with Bonny & Clyde debut release on MothLab Recordings, save the date: December 17th 2013

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